Tour Details


You and your fellow survivors will board a bus for an exclusive, two-hour, behind-the scenes look at the most iconic sets from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

A guide, who is steeped in the lore of the show, will lead you though the Riverwood Stages and Backlot. Riverwood Studios has housed The Walking Dead for nearly a decade. You will visit sets like Sanctuary, Hilltop and the Heaps.

From there, you’ll travel to see the world within the walls of Alexandria, the community that has been the home of Rick Grimes and his family and friends.

The tour then goes through Senoia, the site of Woodbury, home of the Governor. For the first time ever, you will be able to see the places where your heroes have lived and died.

*All tour times, photos opportunities, stops and entertainment are subject to change at any time.



When you pass through the gates of Alexandria, you will enter a unique 9 acre set. The Alexandria set is a functioning neighborhood surrounded by a 15 foot metal wall.

This set has been invaded by Negan, flooded with Zombies, and had its buildings set afire. You will see how the residents have survived and evolved. You’ll also see Rick’s home, the infirmary and other iconic places within the walls of The Alexandria Safe Zone Community.


Step inside the Heaps and find yourself submerged in the trash world of the Scavengers. See where Rick fought for his life against Winslow, one of the most terrifying walkers in The Walking Dead history. Learn about the making of the Heaps and hear behind-the-scenes stories of how this massive set came to life.


Riverwood has two lakes on the property– Prison Lake and the lake where Aaron and Rick worked together to retrieve supplies from a houseboat located in the middle of a Walker Infested Pond.


Discover the spot where Negan and Lucille took the lives of our beloved survivors, Glenn and Abraham. Guides will talk about the filming process that went into those final moments, which should help you find closure on the two deaths that shocked us most.

And at this same site, try to guess which other major The Walking Dead set existed!


Hilltop was the setting of the struggles of Maggie and Gregory, the base for its ambassador Jesus, and a safe harbor for Sasha and Enid.

The Hilltop Mansion is an exact replica of the Virginia home found in the comic. From its balcony you can see for miles. With nearly four acres within its stockade, and another 35 acres outside its walls, the Hilltop is a fortress against the ravages of the zombie apocalypse. This set features stables, a working saw mill and a blacksmith forge, a water tower, gardens and mighty gates.

You’ll leave Hilltop with a better understanding of how the environment plays such a key role in our storytelling, and how such a realistic set can be its own character in The Walking Dead.


Modeled after classic 1940’s motor courts, the magic of Oceanside is that from even a few feet away it can seem to disappear into a web of camouflage, bamboo, and palmettos.

Oceanside is home to a unique all-female community who wanted to hide from the world, but their reentry into the world made a huge impact in the final battle against Negan and the Saviors. You’ll enter their private oasis, the Oceanside Cabin Motor Court, and learn why their sacrifice meant so much.


After the apocalypse, this looming industrial complex became the home of Negan and his followers, the Saviors.

The exterior consists of a unique entry of shops and coal chutes that Negan and his followers turned into a zombie protected fortress. The massive exterior, which still shows the scars of battle, includes two courtyards and railcars specially imported and shipped to the site.